Do you want to enter to this amazing and profitable world of entertainment production? Well, then you should invest a few minutes of your day into reading this article. Because here we are going to share with you the best 4 careers.

There are many careers in this industry, but we have cherry-picked the best of the best, so you can be aware of them. This article just wants to share them with you, so you can have a clear idea on what are the most profitable paths to follow in this industry.


#1: Producer

If you want to make a pretty good income in this industry, then being a producer will grant you such thing. A juice income is what you want, then a producer is the job to pick.

The average hourly wage is around $52, which is frankly a pretty good sum. Therefore, if you want to make big money in this industry and you love all about this job, then you are going to love it even more, because it’s proven to be highly profitable.

But just like any other thing in this world, if you become specialized then you can earn more money. It’s estimated that the average hourly wage for a specialized producer is around $63.

#2: Director

Surprised? We don’t think so. A director has the possibility of earning an average hourly wage of $51. This is frankly a good sum and if you love this industry, then you should look forward to becoming a talented and experienced director.

The more experienced and specialized you become, the better it will pay off to you. Therefore, if you want to become big in this industry, then this may be the path for you to follow. It’s incredible.

It’s all about becoming specialized and a real expert on your field. If you want to become highly successful and become rewarded in a monetary sense, then you should go ahead and pursue this career but with the clear objective of becoming specialized.

#3: Screenwriter

This is another excellent career path you can choose in this industry. You have many opportunities as a screenwriter. You can work directly in movies, series, etc. Or you can also work in commercials and directly with marketing agencies.

You can expect to earn around $37 per hour, which is not bad. But if you want to increase it, then you should follow our advice and try to become specialized on a certain area.

#4: Editor

Wanna be the great man behind the curtains? Then you should become an editor. With an hourly wage which is around $32, it’s not a bad option. And again, if you become highly specialized, then you can expect to earn around $120 USD per hour.

That’s it. These are the best careers in the entertainment industry. And now you know more about them. As you can see, your creative will pay off greatly if you pick the right career path.